How to take advantage of the bagasse of my coffee?


As good coffee lovers, we agree that we usually prepare our coffee more than twice a week and then we usually throw the coffee residue in the trash.
But if today I told you that apart from tasting your delicious coffee, you can give bagasse a second use, would you dare to try to change the destination of the waste?
Here I share some easy and simple options on how you can take advantage of bagasse.

Bagasse works very well as a natural fertilizer and pesticide.
It contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which are the nutrients that plants need.
Once a month, you can add bagasse to your plants to keep them healthy in the most organic way possible.


Use bagasse as a natural way to exfoliate your skin.
It helps eliminate dead cells to promote their renewal and best of all, it's perfect for all skin types!
In addition to being a magnificent anti-cellulite.

Natural air freshener

Its intense aroma helps to neutralize and absorb bad odors that can be trapped in very small spaces.
Just leave it in an open container and add a little vanilla essence to it to work its magic.

Now you know... Don't throw away your coffee waste! These can be very useful at home if you know how to take advantage of them




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