Our legacy of good coffee began in 1938 in the city of Guadalajara, right on the corner of Santa Mónica and Independencia streets, where our first cups of Café La Flor de Córdoba were served.

For generations we have specialized in the selection of the best Mexican green beans, then we roast them in our plant in Guadalajara under the highest quality standards, to distribute them in our more than 100 points of sale.

Our Coffee

  • 100% tall coffee.
  • Proudly Mexican Arabica bean from the high regions of Veracruz and Chiapas.
  • Coffee farmers collect the best coffee fruits when they have reached the ideal point of maturity.
  • We handle 2 varieties of Arabica coffee: planchuela and caracolillo; from which other specialties are derived, such as: roasted coffee, Turkish coffee, decaffeinated and soluble coffee.

Our toast

Over the years, we have perfected our roasting process to accentuate the aromas and flavors of different coffee profiles. Our master roasters roast our coffee daily, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the grain at all times to provide the highest quality standards.

Our outlets

In all our cafeterias you can find coffee shops, where you can get the coffee bean of your choice and request the ideal grind for your favorite extraction method. This way you will take home a freshly ground and fresh coffee.